Putin supported the idea of a free apprenticeship for students



BELGOROD, July 14. /TASS/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the idea of a free training of working professions of the students construction teams.

“It [the opportunity to study business majors and students from students] definitely need to do,” he said and the meeting with the brigade members, which was held in Belgorod in a newly built school with local construction crews. After visiting the school, the students told the President that they have to pay for obtaining work fields that they work in construction crews, and was asked to make this training free. The President noted that while this opportunity is only those who became unemployed, but it should be extended to students. “Will do,” – concluded Putin.

He also remembered that he managed to obtain in the construction team, the speciality of the carpenter of the fourth category, performing works on repair of houses. The training system then was, in his words, “primitive, but it worked.”

The Russian President did not rule out that he will visit the all-Russian forum of students, which will be held 27-30 October in Yakutia. “I’ll try”, he said while interacting with members of the construction crew in Belgorod, responding to an invitation.

Attend a gathering of the head of state called the Commissioner of the Central headquarters of the Russian student brigades Ekaterina Krasikova. Responding to her, the President noted that everything will depend on his work schedule on these days. He also praised the students that they did not hold a meeting in winter, as the participants from the southern regions would feel uncomfortable in minus 50 degrees Celsius.

The students told the President about the projects in which they participate, including care for older people in remote settlements. “Well done, great,” praised the President.

On the construction of a secondary school for 1,100 seats in the new residential area “Snail” has 40 students. They do finishing work, as well as doing landscaping and landscaping. The construction of the school commenced in November 2016 and be completed by November 1, 2017. The building consists of six blocks, connected by bridges: three academic block, sports training, social, administrative, educational and economic. Total area – 18,6 thousand sq m, total area – 6,9 thousand sq. m. the school will be equipped with two pools, information centres, libraries, auditorium, language laboratories, and a canteen with a dining room.