Kusturica talked about the reasons for his good relationship with Putin

Kusturica talked about the reasons for his good relationship with Putin

Serbian filmmaker and musician Emir Kusturica told RT about the reasons for his good relations to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“I really like a gentleman in the position of Putin, how he raised Russia from the bottom in the Yeltsin era and put the country as back to the people pride in their history and culture,” he said.

Kusturica pointed out that sympathetic to Putin in a whole range of issues. He agrees with Putin’s position on the ban of GMO products in Russia, because the world is less natural food.

He also said that some people take his words about Putin and negative. “I once said that would allow Putin to put the rockets on the balcony. After that I even had a conversation with my wife in which I said it was a joke. But there were those who made me violent attack, believing that it is really possible,” he said.

July 9 in an interview with Journal du Dimanche, Kusturica said that after Vladimir Putin became President of Russia, the Serbs began to feel a sense of respect. He also made unflattering remarks about the US President Donald trump, calling him “incompetent and provocative plots.”

On 4 July it became known that Kusturica with his folk-rock band The No Smoking Orchestra is going to give in Crimea first and only concert on July 23.

In November 2016, Vladimir Putin presented the Serbian film, the order of Friendship.

62-year-old Emir Kusturica has twice won the “Golden palm” at the Cannes festival for the film “Daddy business trip” and “Underground”.