In Venezuela, the renegade COP has promised a nationwide protest

In Venezuela, the renegade COP has promised a nationwide protest

MEXICO city, 16 Oct — RIA Novosti. Under investigation, the police officer Oscar Perez, rebelled against the government of Venezuela and attacked earlier by helicopter of the Supreme court building and the interior Ministry, on Saturday once again came out of hiding and the authorities have promised a nationwide protest from 18 July.

At the end of June, a group of security personnel of Venezuela, headed by Perez stole the police helicopter, threw grenades and fired on the building of the interior Ministry and the Supreme court, announced the beginning of fight against the regime of President Nicolas Maduro. The attackers fled. Authorities called the incident a terrorist attack and are wanted involved in the events of people.

“We are a large group. Well, we are many. July 18, starts national protest up until this narkotik, this dictatorship will fall,” said Perez in an interview on Telemundo. In the annotations to the material of the channel indicated that Perez was released on bond from the underground, where he continues to escape. Several days ago rebel officer took part in a protest March in Caracas, gave an interview, then left on a motorcycle in an unknown direction.