In the United States has commissioned a new missile destroyer

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In operation of the naval forces of the United States introduced a new missile destroyer “John Finn”. This was reported in Twitter of the Pacific command of the US forces.

The head of the Pacific command Admiral Harry Harris, speaking at a ceremony at the naval base at pearl Harbor, said that the introduction of this vehicle should serve as a signal to allies and enemies of the United States, that Washington is serious about the Asia-Pacific region.

“We believe in peace through smart power, which maintains a strong power, and the strength of the ship itself sends a clear signal to our friends and our enemies that in the Asia-Pacific region of the United States are serious. America is a Pacific nation, the leader and strength of this region — and it will always,” said Harris.

The destroyer was named in honor of seaman John Finn, 7 December 1941 to protect pearl Harbor from the air force of the Imperial army of Japan. For shown to battle heroism received 20 wounds Finn was awarded the medal of Honor, he became its first recipient.