In the Federation Council saw a deep crisis in relations between the EU and Kiev

In the Federation Council saw a deep crisis in relations between the EU and Kiev

The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Franz Klintsevich believes that the absence of final Declaration of the summit EU — Ukraine indicates the existence of a deep crisis between Brussels and Kiev. This view was expressed in Facebook.

“Prospects of cooperation between Ukraine and the EU are downright breathtaking. Did not have time to be signed between the Association Agreement and there is already a deep crisis in relations,” wrote the Senator.

He also pointed out that the statement of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Pavel klimkina about the alleged lack of need for the signing of the final Declaration — “a good mine at bad game”.

“What Klimkin called unnecessary paper, for the EU there are well-established by years of ritual, the need for which on the basis of such events is not even discussed”, — he said.

Previously, on 15 July the head of the Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that Kiev sees no need for a final statement of the summit Ukraine — EU, which was never agreed.

Refusal of the participants of the summit from the final statement, it became known on July 13. The Ukrainian side insisted that the joint statement voiced phrase from the preamble of the Association agreement that the EU “recognises Ukraine’s European aspirations and welcomes its European choice”. However, EU representatives were against the inclusion in the document of these words. As stated later in Kiev, the parties “have not reached consensus.”

A summit of Ukraine and the EU was held on 13 July. Such events are held annually since 2002. The previous forum took place in November 2016 in Brussels.