Former FBI Director will publish a book with the memories of trump

James Komi

Ex-FBI Director James Comey is busy writing a book about his career in the state structures of the USA, including its work under the administration of us President Donald trump. On Saturday, July 15, reports the New York Times.

According to literary agents Komi, the former head of the FBI is found with the major publishing houses of the USA and discusses the release of the book. The newspaper believes that the tender for the publication of the book will be announced next week.

It also indicates that the book will not be a conventional memoir. Komi will tell her about the principles by which it was governed in the most difficult moments of his career. The book will contain information on the investigation into the email hacking of the former candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton, Komi will tell about the relationship with trump during an FBI investigation of “Russian interference” in the presidential campaign of 2016.

11 may The New York Times has published an article, containing information that trump demanded of the Komi Republic to terminate the investigation against the former assistant homeland security Michael Flynn. He was dismissed from his post February 13, 2017 in connection with a publicly expressed suspicion that he “gave incomplete information” about contacts with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak.

Komi was dismissed from his post as Director of the FBI on may 10. According to trump, Komi admitted forgery, closed the investigation against the former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton concerning the use of electronic mail for transmission of information constituting a state secret.