Drunk orenburzhets in front of the kids threw a puppy out the window of the 12th floor

In Orenburg the man in front of the kids threw a puppy out the window of the 12th floor. About the incident informs a portal “Время56” with reference to representatives of police.

According to him, the incident occurred on Friday, July 14. The duty of asked the woman. She told me that her neighbor in front of the kids and passers-by were thrown out the dog, who looked to be two or three months. However, local residents persuaded a man not to do it, but he was drunk and did not listen to them.

Judging by the shots from the scene, the animal fell on the roof of the outhouse. As reported, the district delivered the corpse to the veterinary faculty of the Orenburg state agrarian University for examination.

The guard also interviewed eyewitnesses, however, alleged perpetrator of the incident he did not speak: he is not the first day I drank and no one opened the door. By results of check will make a decision on refusal or criminal case, said the police.

In may in Yekaterinburg opened a criminal case of animal cruelty against a man who was thrown from the balcony of the third floor several kittens, a puppy and a rabbit.

In March in social networks reported about the inhabitant of Orenburg, which dismembers cats and send pictures to Internet users.