The Ombudsman will review the withdrawal of the daughters of the Russians in Estonia due to lack of maintenance

Authorized under the President of Russia for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova checks the information about the removal of a child from a family of Russians in Estonia. This is stated on Saturday, July 15, on the website of the Ombudsman.

“At the moment we are in contact with the Embassy, conducted the negotiations on this case of authorized structures, in the near future will be sent the necessary requests”, — stated in the message. Underlines that further steps should be taken in the interests of the family.

Exemption eight-year-old Isabella said the lawyer Violetta Volkova. According to her, parents — to citizens of Russia Anatoly Ghazaryan and Anna Mikhailova allowed 15-minute meeting with her through the day, says Sputnik.

The lawyer said that the formal reason was that the apartment had not been repair. In addition, representatives of the guardianship noticed the smell of cigarette smoke in the room and said that being in the cabinets of the book is stuff that has to be removed. Volkov added that the family was going to Moscow, but the girl was taken three days before departure.

The father reported that social workers initially promised not to bother the family until August 1, that he and his wife could bring the apartment in order, however, on 11 July, accompanied by police came for his daughter. In addition, three days after that, without the consent of the parents, the court held that adopted the decision to remove Isabella from the family until October 29.

Ghazaryan said that he and his wife are disabled, live in straitened financial circumstances and can’t afford a complete renovation of the apartment. He also noted that they smoke rarely, only in the kitchen, and in the absence of his daughter. While social workers have never had complaints about the family, but officials gave way and began to make claims.

In particular, they visited the family at the wrong time — the house is under renovation and the representatives of the apartment Association in the absence of the owners changed the Windows. The old frame was still in the room, because Ghazaryan physically not able to bear them.

Social services take children from parents from Russia abroad for the first time. In particular, several such cases occurred in Finland.