The MP stood up for Tolstoy criticized Russian universities daughter

Peter Tolstoy

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy stood up for his daughter Alexander, who has been critical of Russian universities during a trip in the United States. In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” on Friday, July 14, the MP said that such statements are not evidence that the girl is not a patriot.

“It’s her private life, well, I’m going to discuss it. What she doesn’t like a specific school, the Lyceum which she learns, this does not mean that she is not a patriot. It’s all bullshit. I’m not ready to discuss the publication in the Internet”, — said the MP.

According to “Moscow speaking”, the daughter of Tolstoy on his page on informed the subscribers that the journalism faculty of Moscow state University “very spoiled” and responded by saying “no, God forbid” to the question about whether it plans to enter the HSE. She also noted that they had never planned to study in the United States, “but I am now in the Yale university, and he is very cool.”

At the time of writing the news answers Alexandra, concerning the Russian and American universities, have been removed.

Peter Tolstoy, a Russian journalist and TV presenter, state Duma Deputy of the 7th convocation from “United Russia”. Recently, before moving to the lower house of Parliament, led by the First channel of the public-political talk show “Politics,” and “Time will tell”. In November last year, Tolstoy urged to stop attempts to ridicule on the Internet Patriotic values. “The spiritual ties of patriotism, the memory of the heroism of the people — not Internet memes, that is no reason for sarcasm and hypocritical smiles. These are the basic components of our national consciousness and polity” — quoted by TASS.