The Japanese military told about the increased activity of Russian air force

The fighters of air self-defense forces of Japan in the period from April to June often raised the alarm over Russian planes VC. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the combined headquarters of the defense forces of the country.

Total for the second quarter of this year, Japanese fighters were alarmed with the approach of foreign aircraft 229 times. Of these, 125, or 55 percent of the total, falls on the military aircraft of Russia, and 101, or 44 percent, is the Chinese aircraft.

However, over the last five years, the ratio most often been the reverse. For example, last year during the same period due to the Chinese aircraft Japanese fighters were alarmed 199 times, and because of the Russian — 78.

In data published by the Japanese military, with photographs, it is argued that the overflight was attended by Tu-95, Tu-142, Il-38, Il-20, su-24.

At the headquarters noted a significant reduction in air activity of China in 98 cases and the increased activity of Russia on 47 occasions. The Chinese planes, as a rule, were fighters, and Russian — most aircraft-spies.

According to Japanese military overflight routes also differ markedly — flying Chinese aircraft mainly concentrate on the East China sea, Russian planes have a nearly complete survey of the territory of Japan along the North-Western, Northern and North-Eastern coast, capturing not only the South.

In October 2016, the defense Ministry of Japan said that since the beginning of the year, its fighters flew to intercept Russian aircraft 180 times. Among Russian vehicles supposedly were near the airspace of Japan, bombers su-24 and Tu-95, and anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142.