Putin told workers about the main leadership quality

In the course of communication with the metallurgists at Lebedinsky GOK (GOK), the President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke about the main qualities of managers in the modern world. His words on Friday, July 14, RIA Novosti reported.

“Decency. This is compounded all the rest. If this basis, no Foundation, everything else is pointless,” said the head of state.

However, Putin noted that one leader of integrity is not enough, it also requires a professionalism and modern knowledge.

“So, second, I would say, is the ability to constantly learn from those who are better than you,” added the President.

During the trip to Belgorod region Vladimir Putin visited the pit of the Lebedinsky mining and processing plant — “Lebedinskoye stall” who is in the Guinness Book of records as the largest in the world in production of non-combustible minerals.

June 21 at the meeting with the leaders of graduation classes of schools, the President admitted that he considered education a primary factor for full development of the person. He also commended the initiative of one of the teachers to return to school labor education.

1 September 2016 during a meeting with pupils of one of schools of Vladivostok, Putin gave advice to those who considers itself a leader: not to be arrogant and not to become conceited.