Noumea residents blocked the road with the coffins to protest against the demolition of the house

Residents of the 14-storey building in Gelendzhik, authorities sent for demolition, a protest blocked the coffins of the Federal highway M-4 “don” (Moscow — Novorossiysk). On Saturday, July 15, according to “Novaya Gazeta”.

Protesters put on a pedestrian crossing two coffins and unfurled banners “the Mayor [of Gelendzhik Victor] Christin takes away our housing, and We believe in Putin”. The highway remained blocked for about 10 minutes, this resulted in a tube length of several kilometers. Even for half an hour, protesters partially blocked the passage, in a line on the Zebra crossing and just passing the car on the roadside.

In place of the action the police arrived and Cossacks. They detained at least six people.

As specifies the edition, the rally reached the tenants of the house number 79 on the street Krasnogvardeyskaya. It was built without a permit, and the land under it, which is in Federal ownership, was intended “to accommodate the laboratory building”.

In 2012, the mayor of Gelendzhik Victor Christin moved the plot in the category of “for placing of apartment houses”. In 2014, the developer sued the right of ownership of the apartment, and six months later the authorities decided to demolish the high-rise building. Then, the Krasnodar regional court cancelled the decision on recognition of ownership, and the demolition was supported. The house is registered 65 people.

In early July, it was reported that residents of suburban Wedge, left with no hot water, blocked the Leningrad highway.