In the Stavropol region appeared soda “Leader” and Stalin

A resident of Stavropol Natalia Rosalina said in Facebook that he bought in the Caucasian mineral waters soda “Leader” with a picture of Joseph Stalin on the label.

According to the woman, a bottle of soft drink poured in Inozemtsevo, they cost 50 rubles. “Not just aerated, and added to it foreign fruit — guanabana”, notes Rosalina.

“The advertisement wrote that the surge of strength and vitality I now assured. I’m afraid to even open,” she added, joking in the comments that the soda “mixes the Trotskyists”.

In June of sociologists “Levada-center” published the results of a survey which invited the Russians to choose the most influential, in their opinion, the historical figure of all time. First place in the list went to the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, the greatest he was named by 38 percent of respondents. In addition, a quarter of Russians believe that Stalin’s repressions were politically necessary, so they are historically justified.