In the state Duma the roof leaked

In the building of the state Duma there was a leak of the roof, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

“Interfax” specifies that the water began to drip from the ceiling during his speech, the Vice-speaker of the lower house of Parliament Irina Yarovaya. “I don’t know what we the people consider on the ceiling, the roof leaks, well what can I say. For the deputies of the State Duma is probably the most exciting activity is to raise your head to the ceiling and see what it flows,” she said.

First Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Alexander Zhukov proposed to declare 10-minute recess. “Colleagues, ask everyone to leave the hall,” he said.

After a pause the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin urged the deputies to return to work. “Colleagues, in difficult weather conditions we will complete the discussion of the issue,” said the legislator. According to him, which leads RIA Novosti, given that “there is thundering and pouring, can not withstand the overlap” (in Moscow on Friday, July 14, there was a heavy rain with thunderstorm — approx. “Of the”).

In connection with the incident the Deputy from LDPR Vasily Vlasov turned to Volodin and recalled the proposal of Vladimir Zhirinovsky to conduct a “renovation of the State Duma”. The speaker replied that this happens only when all voters will receive a new and comfortable housing.

“Colleagues, we are in a new building to move when our last voter will move into a new apartment. So from this outcome. And when you want to move to a new building, and we have the voters in dilapidated housing, I think that you, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, will not support,” — said Volodin.

Examined one issue after the break, MPs ended the meeting.

In turn, Zhirinovsky said that not leaving “leaking” of the state Duma, until you are sure that the building has no one left, because “the captain leaves the ship last.”