Bild reported that when ISIS massacred in Egyptian hotel

Continued: media disclosed the identity of attacked tourists in Hurghada men

Young man attacked with a knife guests of hotel Sunny Days El Palacio Resort in Hurghada (Egypt), was associated with a terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). This writes the tabloid Bild, citing employees of the Egyptian special services.

According to the publication, he communicated with extremists via the Internet and that they received orders to attack the foreigners. It is assumed that he entered the hotel through the beach, swimming or after reaching there from the nearby public recreation areas.

Bild also reports that a young man 27 years old, earlier he was not convicted. He attacked the tourists in the water, and then tried to escape but was detained on the territory of a neighbouring property.

As told TASS charge d’affaires of Russia in Egypt, Artem Polyakov injured in the attack Russian “was a very courageous woman, she had the most active resistance to the criminal.” It probably saved her life: the offender “did not expect such a rebuff and moved on to other tourists.”

Polyakov added that the woman’s condition is satisfactory, it was moved to Cairo for further treatment.

The attack happened on July 14, killing two Germans, four foreigners were injured. Among them — the native of Ukraine with Russian citizenship, two citizens of Armenia and one of the Czech Republic.