Berlin “was furious” after the murder of two German women in Egypt

The representative of the German foreign Ministry on relations with the press condemned the murder of two citizens of the country in Egypt Hurghada and described the reaction of the Ministry as “confusion and anger”. About it reports Reuters.

The diplomat confirmed that the attack was a deliberate act of violence against foreign tourists, and called it “shameful and criminal”.

“We now have the sad certainty that two Germans were killed during the attack in Hurghada. According to our information, it was a deliberate attack on foreign tourists — particularly the dishonest and criminal act that left us in sorrow, confusion and rage”, — she said.

The attack on the hotel Sunny Days El Palacio Resort occurred on July 14, killing two Ukrainian tourists, and two German women, four foreign citizens were injured. Among them was a woman, a native of Ukraine with Russian citizenship. The assailant tried to escape but was detained. The details of his identity were not disclosed.