An American drone has set a speed record

An American drone has set a speed record

The unit was able to accelerate up to 179,6 mph.

Racing Quad DRL RacerX, assembled by the American League of racing drones (Drone Racing Leage), set a speed record, officially registered in the Guinness Book of records.

According to the organization, the unit was able to reach speeds 163,5 miles per hour (263,1 km / HR) to hundred-meter race.

Racing drones are very popular among Amateurs and professionals involved in self build drones. In 2016, Dubai hosted the first world championship racing drones, and in 2017, in the Netherlands it is planned to hold the race on drones for survival. For each such competition, the participants try to collect more light and fast drones.

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Test drone RacerX was held in new York. They were attended by the official representative of the Guinness Book of records. During test driving, the device has developed a top speed of 179,6 mph, but this record will not count. According to the rules of the Book of records, the credit went to the average speed computed from the maximum speeds that the drone was able to develop twice the specified flying a hundred-meter area.

Quadcopter DRL RacerX assembled on carbon frame and has a weight of 800 grams. The device is equipped with a powerful brushless electric motors, capable of speeds of rotation of up to 46 thousand revolutions per minute. The food of the drone answered two lithium-polymer rechargeable battery capacity of 1.3 ampere per hour each.