The head of the Crimea promised monthly fire


The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov promised monthly to summarize the work of the municipal officials, the results of which with the “bad companions” are to say goodbye.

“We will need each month to determine hopeless comrades who have from Saturday to Saturday, nothing happens. They may work on Saturdays or moonlit nights, nothing is affected. Can affect only direct administrative effect. Let’s be each time you do the analysis, where there is no dynamics, the month looked, can’t achieve results, we will shake hands and say goodbye,” — said Aksenov at the meeting with heads of municipalities of the Republic.

The head of the Crimea also said that on Saturdays will be regularly summed up the “progress” of officials.

“There will be personnel changes. The other will not. In the end, will pick up a team that will be able to perform all tasks. Now accumulate materials at the end of the month analyze what else is necessary to dismiss” — said the head of the Republic.