The deputies proposed to consider the financial crisis a force majeure

The deputies proposed to consider the financial crisis a force majeure

In the state Duma proposed to legislate for the sharp changes in the exchange rate and financial crisis, the status of the force majeure. According to the authors of the bill — deputies from “Fair Russia” — it will help mortgage borrowers faster to close the debt.

On Friday, July 14, said the leader of the party Sergey Mironov, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

We believe that we need to amend the civil and civil procedure code and in the law on mortgages and to introduce a new concept of force majeure — force majeure, which, from our point of view, can be a financial and economic crisis, a sharp change in the exchange rate and the sharp failures of the national currency.Sergei Ironblade of the party “Fair Russia”

The law should be retroactive to the Russians, who took mortgages in dollars and euros could pay off debt, said Mironov.

Problems in exchange of food began at the end of 2014 in a sharp weakening of the ruble. In April 2015, the government adopted a program of assistance for all debtors with housing loans that were in a difficult situation. The government undertook to compensate banks for 200 thousand rubles for each client.

Credit organization, in turn, reduced the borrowers ‘ monthly payments. To the benefit could count the debtors into two categories: those whose income fell 30 percent, or those whose monthly payment on the loan also increased by 30 percent.