Russian family in Turkey detained when attempting to illegally enter Syria

The inhabitant of the Saratov region Svetlana Utkina with two children and a civilian husband, Eugene Kachari arrested in Turkey while trying to enter illegally into Syrian territory, reports RT. Family was sent to immigration jail in Antakya, on charges of intent to join radical groups.

The relatives of the detainees they were looking for about a month. The search was organized by Sergey Ukhanov, former husband of Svetlana that fraud took with them their child.

According to them, in the middle of June Svetlana with her civil husband and two children went on vacation to Ankara, where her cousin. However, they arrived in Ankara, and in Istanbul, after which the connection with them was lost.

According to relatives, Svetlana recently changed. She converted to Islam, became interested in radical movements of religion, which led to the rupture of relations with her husband.

Sergei Uhanov found out that she was detained while trying to cross the Syrian-Turkish border with fake documents, and from there deported to Istanbul. From Istanbul Svetlana with Eugene and daughters allegedly tried to travel to Baku.

“On July 7 at the airport we saw a group of people, among whom was our granddaughter. My wife ran up and grabbed her granddaughter on the right hand. Svetina mom tried to take away the Light, to talk to her. But the child is immediately taken away,” — said Valery Ukhanov, Sergei’s father.

Svetlana refused to return to Russia, saying that there she is immediately arrested. Then the girl, and with children and her boyfriend, according to Valeria, took away the Turkish officers and led away in an unknown direction. Later it turned out that the family that night sent to the city of Antakya in the South of the country, near the Syrian border. There came the ex-husband of Svetlana and her mother to try to get the girl. However, Turkish authorities claim that the child wants to stay with her mother.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Embassy appealed to the competent authorities of Turkey with the request to inform, whether there are Russians in the country. In the case of a decision on deportation of diplomats asked to be deported to the territory of Russia.

June 4, 2015 while attempting to illegally cross the Turkish-Syrian border were detained by Russian student Varvara Karaulov, later changed its name and became the documents Alexandra Ivanova. Together with her were taken into custody 13 citizens of Russia, who wanted to join the terrorists. The girl said that she went to Syria to beloved and had not intended to participate in Jihad. In December 2016 the Moscow district military court sentenced her to 4.5 years in prison.