“Nureyev” leapt in history

“Nureyev” leapt in history

While on the Historical stage of the Bolshoi theatre is cancelled the premiere of the ballet “Nureyev” is “don Quixote”, Tatiana Kuznetsova looked available online disgraced fragments of the play and realized that the choreography of this ballet is the best, that made the world the theatre in the twenty-first century.

The scandal with the abolition of the ballet “Nureyev” is the main cultural news of the last week. There is no need to repeat all the new versions and details of this event. However, in all messages, even fact-based, there are two fundamental mistakes. First: the author is a huge two-act ballet called Kirill Serebrennikov, whose work is estimated to enthusiastically. Second: Yuri Posokhova, writing the choreographic text (that is, in fact, the flesh of the ballet), has been accused of poor performance? that was the formal reason for the cancellation of the performance.

NewsSerebrennikov commented on the transfer of the ballet “Nureyev”

The reason for this interpretation was said at the briefing the words of the General Director, Vladimir Urin, who formulated their claims on the ballet jargon, incomprehensible to most journalists. So, quoted replica Urine (“bad girls” and “Yuri, you recognize that that’s a bad thing?”) in fact, does not mean that corps de ballet dancing poorly delivered, and just what the corps takes their dirty, uneven, inaccurate. Responses same remark choreographer that got a month (as it is retold urin), speaks only of extreme annoyance Posokhova that it’s ready choreography artists of the corps de ballet is not performing as it should.

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Meanwhile, thanks to the Internet everyone interested can see the a pirate recording of the ballet of the twelve fragments. Made from about the third tier, she was in the network after an evening run July 8, recognized as good even by the theatre management.

Seven fragments were removed on the roughing rehearsals July 6: artists work without costumes, many vpolnogi. In total, the survey takes about 14 minutes and is not worth discussing. The last five episodes made since — sadly-the triumphant run, represent 53 minutes (i.e. more than half) of the finished show no signs of defects. This is the dance pieces — pantomime in them at least.

And these detailed scenes allow responsibly say: the ballet “Nureyev” has exceptional artistic merit.

Its structure and story described the tabloid Hello!: composite bonded ballet scenes of auctions that sold stuff Nureyev. Episodes from the life of a dancer (taught at the Leningrad school until the last staging of “La Bayadere” at the Paris Opera) thematically connected with lots — genre of ballet, choreographer of the staves in an interview with “Kommersant” is defined as “surrealist”. The first thing that strikes you from the sphere of ethics: this is an amazing chastity of the play, its emotional delicacy and no hint of vulgarity. Everything discussed with gusto (Nureyev naked pictures of Avedon’s work, the scene with the drag Queens, the artist in flesh-colored shroud), is just small details, carefully calibrated in its restraint and is not of fundamental importance.

NewsBolshoi theatre postponed a premiere of the ballet “Nureyev” directed by Serebrennikov

This ballet is not about sex, but about love (which is possibly even more unpleasant for the homophobes). Love gay, heterosexual, love to dance, to life, to freedom. It’s not manifestirutaya is soluble in pure samples of the classical dance. Choreographer staves has created a miracle: abandoning self-presentation (the trouble of most modern authors, originalnaya too fast), he Pasternak fell into heretical simplicity. Choreography “Nureyev” based on exemplary academic PA (the most suitable for the hero, whose global triumph ensured it was the classical heritage) as breathing. It seems invisible because all these arabesques, the pirouettes crowded busy psychology dominant over every PA.

It’s almost unbelievable. The main love duet between Nureyev (Vladislav Lantratov, very accurately copied oraevskii gestures, gait, manner of moving) and Danish Prime Minister Eric Bruno and master the “savage” culture, dance and culture of feelings (another acting triumph Denis Savin), develops in the ballet sticks: actors, standing face to face, doing the usual press. But every routine movement takes on special meaning. Flashing the ankles quick petit battement — the first beating of hearts, the larger Rhonda give the growing tension.

By the end of the machine Nureyev takes his mouth Bruna eternal cigarette and throws it aside — and this simple gesture looks like a Declaration of love.

For eight minutes, the partners touch each other five times, no more: no “sexy” movements of the hips, stretch marks and twines, for which a generous a master, Boris Eifman, our chief author of the “biopic”, with several soaring jetée is enough.

Choreography “Nureyev” extremely full: no places was long and tedious, repetitions and other “fill music” (by the way, Ilya Demutsky — born ballet composer of the highest level). Thanks to masterly direction and design scenography, choreography by Kirill Serebrennikov events flow almost continuously and fly in one breath, as, for example, a huge seven-minute monologue Diva (assuming Natalia Makarova), going under the harp, and original letters of two Oraevsky partners — Alla Osipenko and most of Makarova. And even with the third tier is seen as subtly leads him Ekaterina Shipulina, not missing a psychological nuance, choreography reminiscences.

And it’s absolutely massive looks grandiose ballet scene (eight pairs of luminaries, four pairs of soloists and Nureyev), who mysteriously reflects the time and the greatness of classical art Nureyev, and his conventionalism.

In music, weaving and transforming, are the subject of all of Tchaikovsky’s ballets, follow each other ballerina (all in the same black packs and one person), their partners-“Nureeva” differ only in the body and the collet, and the main character, changing costumes, breaking into the complex spatial composition, is a slave to his all-consuming thirst of dance, forcing him to give 300 performances a year.

NewsSource: Serebrennikov show performances “Nureyev” was moved by order of the Medina

Given that other choreographic episodes deserve no less attention and that pirated videos were not included twice, as they say, the best episode of the ballet is a duet with Nureyev, Margot (Fonteyn) and the epic final scene, — I must admit that there is nothing bigger and bigger “Nureyev” in the XXI century has produced neither the domestic nor the international scene. For the Bolshoi theatre this ballet could be in the same stage as the famous “Bright stream” by Alexei Ratmansky, after which the then General Director of the Bolshoi Anatoly Iksanov invited Ratmansky to lead the troupe, and she has found a new face, a new reputation and a new life. Now, with the theatre’s needs in exclusive productions, with the perfect talent according to Yuri Posokhova (ex-the Prime Minister of Great for many years working a full-time choreographer for the Ballet of San Francisco) mentality and abilities of the troupe to engage him to the post of principal guest choreographer of the Bolshoi it would be just as outstanding managerial decision.