Chinese office workers offered to sleep in the capsule at lunchtime

The Beijing company Xiangshui Space offered for office workers to sleep, without leaving home. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

She opened 15 capsule hotels inside office buildings, Internet cafes and coworking. In each from two to eight beds, rent each one for 10 RMB (about one dollar) for half an hour during peak times at lunchtime. Inside each capsule there is a power outlet for charging gadgets, a fan and a flashlight to read.

“Our clients are white-collar workers who behave decently. Yet no one tried to break something,” — said one of the workers Xiangshui Space.

Every client receives a one-time sheets, pillowcases, blankets and ear plugs. Employees monitor daily the condition of the beds. To use the service you don’t even need a passport — just register in the branded app and scan the barcode with your smartphone.