Avoidance of doctors will be more expensive

Avoidance of doctors will be more expensive

Employers want to be held accountable for medical examinations of employees.

According to “Kommersant”, the Ministry of health invites the government to impose liability for employers whose employees have not passed a medical examination. The company may be required to pay a higher rate of OMS — speak against this business Association “Business Russia”. Evaluation of the experts of the Ranepa, now in the program of the health examination survey, having the greatest potential to reduce mortality, constitute a relatively small percentage. The struggle with other detectable diseases requires the popularization in Russia of a healthy lifestyle.

Health Ministry proposes to the government to make employers responsible for medical examinations and periodic health examinations of employees (“b” acquainted with the documents of the agencies). As told “Kommersant” sources in the agencies, 13 January at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, Ministry of health has proposed to introduce administrative or criminal responsibility for evasion of examination on cancer. The minutes of the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of health, MHIF and the Ministry of justice to look into this possibility.

On March 6, the Agency reported: in the framework of the legislation the government has no ability to use such measures. Then Ministry of health proposed to establish a working group to develop a “system of socio-economic motivation of citizens and employers”, a program promoting healthy lifestyle programs and corporate employers.

30 June letter to the government office, the Ministry reported that at a meeting in may with the participation of the Ministry of justice and FOMS a proposal was made to increase the rate of contributions for compulsory health insurance for employers whose employees have not passed a medical examination and examination under the basic program of compulsory medical insurance. Rate and other conditions of enforcement of the examination the health Ministry plans to call after meeting with industry experts.

As reported by “Kommersant” in the Ministry of health, the concrete scenario is not yet approved. With the 2013 examination were more than 85 million Russians (so, in 2016 — 22,15 million). The Ministry notes that this procedure allows to fix the disease at early stages that increases the effectiveness of treatment. So, in 2016 in the framework of uncooperatively 55% of tumors were identified on the first or second stages, which decreased one-year mortality “to 23%” and increased five-year survival of patients “to 53%”. In 2018, said the Ministry of health, the examination will become even more targeted and evidence-based.

According to the head of the Corporation “TekhnoNikol” and a member of the General Council of the business Association “Business Russia” Sergey Kolesnikov, “a new bureaucratic procedure will increase the costs of companies on the accounts.”

The effect of clinical examination is not yet proven, and the administrative burden on business will increase significantly.Sergey Kolesnikova of the Corporation “TekhnoNikol” and a member of the General Council of the business Association “Business Russia”

However, as experts explain, Ranepa, Oncology, exemplified by the Ministry, is only one of the focuses of examination. The effect of the test patients for other diseases, primarily cardiovascular, much lower. In 2014, the HIF spent on the examination of about 27 billion rubles— the rate at which one procedure is on average 1.5 thousand rubles (in 2016 year, according to sources, “b”, the amount increased to 33 billion rubles). According to experts of the Ranepa, for tests with a maximum probability of reducing mortality, in the clinical examination of 2014 was spent only 4.5 billion rubles.

If cancer is found early, the patient can try to cure. But if found high blood pressure as a result of a certain lifestyle — to begin to monitor their health the patient can only be myself. Unfortunately, that Russians are not typical.Mr Naturalselection head of the Institute for social analysis and forecasting Ranhigs

According to experts of the Ranepa, to effectively monitor diseases that are a consequence of lifestyle, clinical examination should be part of a system of measures on strengthening health of the population — from targeted programs to combat Smoking and poor diet to enhance the provision of free medicines.

Anastasia Manuylova