“Apple” refused “to play for dancers” at the EP elections in the Republic of Karelia

Emilia Slabunov

“Apple” refused to nominate its candidate for the elections of the head of Karelia, said the Chairman of the party, the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Karelia Emilia Slabunov. Her words leads TASS on Friday, July 14.

“A lot of reasons. Important — while there is a municipal filter, which we strongly advocate, the elections become a farce in which we do not consider it right to speak on the dancers from the “United Russia” and the acting head of the region in particular,” said Slobounov.

To overcome the so-called municipal filter, candidates must present at least 88 signatures, of which 24 must belong to the deputies or heads of areas and city districts. Signatures must be collected no less than 14 districts and city districts of the Republic, said the Agency.

Negatively in respect of the municipal filter expressed as LDPR and the Communist party. July 10, the Communists declared that can reconsider its participation in the Governor’s election campaign if the candidates of the party will not be admitted to elections from-for signatures.

Following the results of elections in legislative Assembly of Karelia in September 2016, United Russia received 24 mandates. For three mandates, “Fair Russia”, LDPR, CPRF and “Yabloko”, reported on the website of rk.karelia.

On 15 February President of Russia Vladimir Putin has accepted the resignation of Alexander Khudilainen and has appointed temporarily fulfilling duties of the head of the Republic Arthur Parfenchikov.