Yarovaya suggested to enter the “norm” for the number of migrants in one apartment

Yarovaya suggested to enter the “norm” for the number of migrants in one apartment

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya suggested to enter residential standard for the registration of migrants in flats, to avoid the appearance of “rubber apartments”, where there are “dead souls”, the correspondent of RBC.

The MP said during the meeting of the Presidium of the Council of legislators in the state Duma. According to her, the idea that a police officer will be able to check each house in the assigned district, “to understand where requirements met, and not met” appear “unrealistic.”

“It is difficult and inefficient, the necessary generic procedure that perform the functions of automatic control and have a high preventive value,” she said.

Such procedure may be introduced at the regional level the concept of “normal area based on the worker” that will prevent the transformation of apartments in the “rubber” and living in “dead souls” as possible now, when we meet the cases of registration in the same room of 20 sq m to 100 people.Irina Yarovaya-speaker of the state Duma

According to Irina Yarovaya, a limit on the number registered in one apartment of migrants “will exclude corruption risks and will allow the regions to develop additional prevention and security.” “Moreover, it is a question of sensible regional policy, a public consensus when the decision on the number of meters per migrant have to take the region, because the region was granted the authority to decide whether to attract foreign labor, and what specialties based on the needs of the region and living in it”, — added the Vice-speaker.

Newsof Illegal migrants will be sent home at their expense

She also suggested that citizens have the right to submit complaints on violation of migration legislation according to the simplified procedure in the MFC.