Volzhskiy Hungry island was a place for children’s camps survival

Island Hungry

Police checks against the organizers of the unregistered children’s camp on the Volga river in the Samara region, where teenagers were taught to survive in extreme conditions. About this “Interfax” reported in the Middle of the linear Department of internal Affairs on transport.

It is noted that the island was Hungry the tent camp, which is home to 20 children aged 10 to 16 years and three men. It was established that the organizers didn’t notify the authorities about its existence.

“Send Teens to the camp was carried out on inflatable boats, despite unfavorable weather conditions. Minors on the island were almost without supervision from adults, independently fished from boats, were left to themselves”, — said the interior Ministry.

Before the camp medicines were expired products in sufficient quantity was not available. In addition, the organizers had no pedagogical or medical education. The police found that being in the camp was paid for a week stay there is worth seven thousand rubles per person.

At the end of June, the CPS has reported on the closure of 13 unauthorized camps, which rested 477 children. Parents were reimbursed for the cost of vacation.

Mass checks of children’s camps throughout Russia began after the death of 14 children in the camp “Park hotel Syamozero” in June 2016. After the incident the facility had been closed, and the attitude of the leadership was prosecuted.