The woman blew to death during takeoff in the Caribbean

The woman blew to death during takeoff in the Caribbean

New Zealand tourist killed on the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean sea, watching the takeoff from the international airport of Princess Juliana, where ships are forced to fly over the heads of tourists due to the small length of the runway.

According to local police, 57-year-old woman was watching the takeoff of the aircraft, holding on to the fence of the airport, but it blew strong air stream from the engines of the Boeing 737.

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According to local media reports, a tourist fell and hit his head on the concrete structure. The woman was quickly taken to the hospital, but to save her failed.

The Caribbean island of Saint Martin (or Sint Maarten) is divided into two approximately equal parts between France and the Netherlands. Princess Juliana international airport and the adjacent Maho beach located on the Dutch side.

With the ability to consider off and landing aircraft with the minimum distance to beaches, has become a very popular aviapoletov — people who are fond of watching planes.