The detainee at the request of the USA the Russian programmer asked Putin for help

Stanislav Lisov

Arrested in Spain at the request of the USA the Russian programmer Stanislav Lisov sent a letter to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the request to bring the situation under control and prevent his extradition to the United States. On Thursday, July 13, according to RT.

“I beg you for help, to take control of my situation and to understand the unfairness, the shocking facts of lawlessness on the part of the US to Russian citizen. My appeal to you is my last hope,” wrote foxes.

He added that he has nothing to do with the crimes he is accused of the USA. “I have a suspicion that if you get into the territory of the United States, charges can vary or be applied pressure/coercion,” reads the letter.

In addition, Lisov notes that the evidence on which the accusation is questionable.

Foxes were detained in Spain on January 13. USA suspect him in the development of the NeverQuest malware used to steal banking credentials. March 14, the U.S. side handed over to the authorities of the Kingdom of the documents necessary for extradition of the programmer.