Saudi Schoolgirls will allow you to exercise

In the curriculum of the school girls in Saudi Arabia will include physical education lessons. This was stated by the Ministry of education of the Kingdom, according to Arab News.

Changes will be implemented gradually, are expected to start in the new academic year. “I am very pleased with the publication of this decree, this is a historic day for all girls of the country,” said Lina al-Maen, a member of the Advisory Council of the king.

The decision was made in the framework of realization of “Program-2030” — the reform plan adopted by the government. Over the execution will be watching the special oversight Committee, created under the leadership of Deputy Minister of education, which is responsible for educational programs for girls.

On March 14 the government had opened the Council, protecting the rights of women. At the first meeting, it was not a single female.

Saudi Arabia has a program to increase the number of women in the labour market — now only 22% of them work, while in 2030 it is planned to employ a third of all women in the country.