Lavrov found obscene rhyme for poems about the relationship with the EU

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov joked that if he wrote a poem about the relationship between Moscow and Brussels, then it could be obscene rhyme. The Minister stated this on Thursday, 13th July, speaking at the site of the German Fund named Kurt Kerber, reports TASS.

The moderator mentioned the famous hobby of the head of Russian diplomacy. “I read that at your leisure you love to write poetry. If I wrote poems about Russia’s relations with the European Union, how would you call them?” she asked.

Lavrov replied with a smile: “May not be very censored rhyme, so I’ll refrain.”

Lavrov is the author of the anthem of the Moscow state Institute of international relations. His poems have been published in the “Russian pioneer”, the last time in 2017. It has also recently been published in his 1994 poem dedicated to the deceased, the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin. In 2016, Lavrov was awarded the prize of the Union of writers of Russia’s “Imperial culture” named after Eduard Volodin.

In an interview the diplomat admitted that “since the appointment of the Minister [in 2004], no such universal works came out from under” his pen. “Only wrote, like, “skits”, for birthdays of friends,” he complained.