In Swiss supermarkets will begin to sell cigarettes with marijuana

The Swiss supermarket chain Coop will begin selling cigarettes with marijuana. About it reports The Local.

Company Heimat, which from 2016 is engaged in the production of tobacco products, decided to expand the range. A new cigarette will go on sale July 24.

The Swiss authorities in 2011 legalized marijuana with the content of one percent of tetrahydrocannabinol — which is higher than the standard of 0.2 percent enacted in several European countries. The new product from Heimat is, however, a higher dose of cannabidiol — this combination of substances will not cause narcotic intoxication, but will help consumers to cope with the pain, inflammation and panic fears.

The price of the new product — 19,90 franc per pack (of 20.66 USD). The use of marijuana as medicine, in addition to some States in the U.S. legalized in several European countries. In several States of Europe, trafficking in cannabis and cultivation of small amounts of cannabis is not prosecuted criminally, and the use is allowed in designated areas.