In Russia there will be the Internet project “my friend-blogger”


RIA Novosti

Russia will launch a network project “the Priest-blogger,” in which the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church will conduct their video blogs. About this RT said the founder of the international Internet-project “Father-online” Nadezhda Zemskova.

“This is our new YouTube channel, where we will acquaint readers with amazing priests. We have father-Gemini, bikers, lifters (powerlifting is a power sport. — RT), programmers and even the priest-rapper! Our task is to show that priests are very open and want to communicate with young people, and they are young and very modern! Personally, many people hesitate to go (to the priest. — RT), and the Internet is the ideal in this respect, the platform for such communication,” said Zemskova.

She added that the project will start in August. Its key theme will be love — the priest will talk about the relationship between a man and a woman. It is also planned to make a video about “behind the scenes” life of the clergy: for example, about how the day priest how to serve in the altar.

Zemskova said that the idea to create a video blog appeared once in the framework of the current project “Father-line” has a video with the answers of the priests and people have shown interest in this format.

“But these attempts have been made “in haste”. And now we are attracting a professional team — we are a serious videographer, editors, who will do so efficiently and beautifully. Blogging is very popular, so we can’t walk away from it — keep up with the times. Our goal is to reach out to young people, as they now all use Yotube, watch video blogs”, she concluded.

In may 2011, the Internet started the project “Father-line”. Today it involves over a hundred priests and bishops, who for six years have responded to more than 200 thousand issues.

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