Due to floods in North-East India has killed 40 people

Flooding in North-Eastern States of India claimed the lives of 40 people. About it reports Reuters.

Because of the flood of the Brahmaputra, caused by monsoon rains, have been flooded more than 2,5 thousand villages. Half a million local residents were forced to leave their homes. For them, deployed more than 300 camps where evacuees will provide a hot meal and a roof over my head.

Under the threat of flooding was Kaziranga national Park — a UNESCO world heritage site, home to the world’s largest population of Indian rhinoceros (2.5 thousand individuals from 3 thousand). At the moment 90 percent of the territory of the Park are under water, animals seek refuge at higher elevations, including road embankments.

The state government has set up special barricades on the roads to force drivers to reduce speed, the movement at a speed greater than 40 kilometres per hour is prohibited.

The Indian rhinoceros (also known as the one-horned Rhino) is the second largest in Asia animal after the elephant, can weigh 2.5 tons. Over the past century, the habitat of the Indian rhinoceros has declined significantly, these animals live only in southern Pakistan, Eastern India and Nepal. Everywhere they live in protected areas, as they are desirable prey for poachers hunting rhinos because of the miraculous properties, which rumor attributed to the medicine made from the horns.