Colonel MOE Yuri Zhukovsky award for his selfless actions in the shopping center “RIO”

The chief of the firefighting service of EMERCOM in Moscow, Colonel of internal service Yury Zhukovsky presented to the departmental award, said “the” the press service of the cupola.

In burning Monday, July 10, shopping center “RIO” he personally conducted a reconnaissance in the combat unit, received information about the location of the blocked in refrigeration facilities and the people and led them out into the street.

“Those who had examined the premises, saying that can’t find the entrance. My link managed to find a place where shelter for the people, — said Zhukovsky TASS. — On opening the shutters, smashed the glass with the axe, but it was a metal construction to get through which was impossible. But stepped right over the blinds, we were in this room, time was limited, people were screaming that can no longer tolerate that they are running out of air.”

In the refrigeration room there were two girls and two guys. Three to pass out through the acrid smoke shrouded halls of the shopping center wearing self-rescuers. “Fourth, I gave his mask, he was crawling and panting at the line and crawled to the exit,” said the Colonel, noting that he does not consider his act heroic.

According to the source “”, the leaders of the fire service of different levels is often personally involved in the fighting, carried out a reconnaissance in the most dangerous places, as these men have usually more experience and more authority to make operational decisions.

“In a situation in which there was Zhukovsky, the road was every second, — said the interlocutor of the edition. And he couldn’t entrust this work to another, as the others were already busy with their own tasks. With regard to the transfer of the mask to the victim, the other choice was not. The Colonel acted in a situation of extreme necessity”.

The fire in the shopping center “RIO” on Dmitrovsky highway occurred on the afternoon of Monday 10 July. The fire started in the shop of textile products. The building was evacuated three thousand people. Suffered 18 of them, including six children. 14 people were hospitalized in the Metropolitan hospital. The fire lasted about three and a half hours. The TV channel “360” posted a video from the fire scene, filmed from the air.