Became a citizen of Germany omich stuck at home because of the debt of 330 thousand rubles

Immigrated to Germany 44-year-old omich came to stay home and attracted the attention of bailiffs. To fly back, he had to repay the debt of alimony to more than 330 thousand rubles, said on Thursday, July 13, “Superomsk”.

In 2003 a man when you move to Germany left in the village Zamaletdinova the lyubinskiy district area wife and one year old daughter. Soon, the woman filed for divorce and obtained a writ of execution on the payment of alimony.

The father of the family came to the area in July to visit his sister in the neighbouring village of Belyayevka. His ex-wife showed the man a writ of execution. Alimony told the officers that he had no money, and refused to say where and whom he works in Germany. After that it imposed a restriction on the right to travel abroad, since he retained Russian citizenship in addition to German. Soon the debt was paid in full.

On 4 July it became known that the state Duma plans to amend the legislation, increasing the threshold of debt for a ban on travel for citizens abroad. It is proposed to extend it to 30 thousand rubles instead of the current 10 thousand.