A miner was killed in the collapse of rocks in the Urals

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In the Sverdlovsk region in the collapse of rocks in the mine “Novokalyinskaya” worker killed, TASS reported a source in the emergency services Thursday, July 13.

“The body of the deceased is now recovered by rescuers,” said he.

The evacuation of the remaining 120 miners have not been conducted, their work continues in the normal mode.

The area of the collapse amounted to three cubic meters. In place rescuers work. The circumstances of the accident and its causes are established.

On 7 July it was reported that the families of four miners killed in the explosion at the mine in Norilsk Zapolyarny will receive two million rubles. The victims will also pay compensation, which amount is calculated on the basis of the extent of caused harm.

Cotton gas in the mine Zapolyarny Mine took place on July 7 at 11:30 (7:30 GMT). On this fact criminal case about infringement of safety rules at conducting mining works.