Trump said about the importance of dialogue with Russia

Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump thinks his country is important to maintain a dialogue with Russia, and its absence can lead to many problems. On Wednesday, July 12, he said in an interview with CBN.

Asked about the meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin, trump said: “This meeting brought a lot of good, I think it’s important to maintain a dialogue, because its absence may cause many problems for our country and for their country. We need a dialogue with all.”

In addition, trump believes that he managed to improve relations with Putin. “I think we really hit it off and I guess that’s good, not bad. The people said, “Oh, they’re not supposed to get along”. Who are the people who say that? I think we’re very, very well,” said he.

The talks between the leaders of the two countries were held in the first day of the G20 summit, on 7 July. They lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes, although the Russian side took her in the schedule for about an hour, and the us — 30 minutes. Vladimir Putin at the summit expressed confidence that they with his American colleague were able to establish personal relationships.