The white house has limited the use of virus programs for government agencies

The white house exclude “Kaspersky” from a list of software suppliers whose products are approved for use by U.S. government agencies. As reported by Reuters, this is due to “the fear of the penetration of the Kremlin in the American network.”

According to journalists, the company suspected of “close ties with a hostile Russian intelligence services accused of cyber attacks on the United States.”

In “Kaspersky Lab” told the news Agency that the company had “no links with any government, the company has never helped and will not help any government in the attempts of cyber espionage. We were in the center of geopolitical struggle in which each side is trying to use us as a pawn in their game”.

July 11 Bloomberg Businessweek reported that “Kaspersky’s Laboratory” by order of the FSB allegedly developed a secret system of protection from DDoS-attacks, establishing the whereabouts of hackers. The company later denied this information, saying that cooperating with the law enforcement agencies of different countries, including Russian, conducting technical examination and analysis of malicious software when investigating cyber incidents. Thus, according to the representative from the FSB never received an official request with a proposal to create protection from DDoS-attacks, or to participate in the project for its development.

3 Jul founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky said that he was ready to reveal the source code of their programs to the American authorities. He also noted that he had no objection to give testimony to Congress.

Russia has repeatedly accused of meddling in the US presidential election with the help of hackers. American journalists and officials asserted that they allegedly kidnapped the correspondence of the Democrats, and later posted on the Internet, and tried to penetrate into the electronic system of counting of votes. Moscow denies such accusations. President Vladimir Putin did not rule out that the mysterious hackers could be based in the United States.