Police arrested six people for participating in the riots in Hamburg

In connection with the riots during the G20 summit in Hamburg, police arrested four Russian citizens, two were taken to the police station and immediately released. About it reports the Russian version of Deutsche Welle.

According to the representative of city police, they are suspected of committing various crimes. At the same time, law enforcement were unable to give details of their detention and of any charges in question.

In the detention center of Hamburg in the case of the recent riots at the moment is 51. Most of them are German citizens. Among the suspects are citizens of Spain and the Netherlands, the citizens of Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria.

Among the detainees are accused of violating public order, causing bodily harm and resisting police.

According to Deutsche Welle, the German authorities asked for help in the investigation of the alleged violators of public order to other EU countries, citizens of which are suspects. After participating in the pogroms they left for their countries and a fugitive from German justice.

The two-day summit of “Big twenty” was held in Hamburg on 7-8 July. Each day of the event was accompanied by violent protests, which were attended by over 10 thousand anti-globalization activists, including left-wing extremists. They threw guards bottles, stones, burning cars and tires. Security during the G20 provided about 20 thousand law enforcement officers. 476 of them were injured.