Nude Irkutsk former judge caught in car with teen

In Irkutsk, a former judge of the Oktyabrsky district court accused of paedophilia after a man was caught naked in a car with a teenager. About it RIA Novosti said a source in law enforcement bodies.

Monday, July 3, employees of Regardie saw parked near the city beach on the Jacoby street car with the Windows open. “There was a suspicion that the car is stolen and abandoned, as it was not seen people. On reaching the car, officers saw a Nude man and a teenager”, — noted in regional management of Regardie.

According to the source Agency, the teenager admitted that he met a man in social and sexual relations have entered voluntarily. Investigating the case of pedophilia.

The suspect previously worked as a teacher at the Institute of the interior Ministry, where he was convicted of homosexual acts with a student.

In the Oktyabrsky district court of Irkutsk said that the man in July resigned and the more they did not work.

In may, in Krasnodar, a former policeman Ivan Sorokoumov received 23 years in prison for a series of sexual offences against minors and the murder of 12-year-old girl.