Medvedev spoke about the role of mass media in the world

Dmitry Medvedev

The Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Medvedev is welcoming the participants of the XIX world Congress of Russian press, stressed the importance of objective and unbiased position of the Russian-language media in the information wars. The greeting text published on Wednesday, July 12, on the website of the Cabinet.

“In the modern political situation, when using the dirty technology, correspondents and reporters become victims of this war while covering events in hot spots, the journalism is of particular importance”, — the statement says.

From the professional media employees who are “in the news”, largely depends on the attitude to Russia in the world, said Medvedev. He also drew attention that the Russian-language editions are often for compatriots abroad, “the only connection to the homeland.”

The Prime Minister also noted that the world Congress of Russian press is being held this year in Minsk, “the capital of Belarus — the country where I love and appreciate Russian language, know our culture and respect the common historical past”.

In January, Medvedev also praised the role of journalists to society during the ceremony of awarding state prize of 2016 in the field of media. The award, he called a kind of “like” authorities.