Israeli troops shot dead two Palestinians in Jenin city

The soldiers of the Israel defense forces (IDF) shot dead two Palestinians during a firefight on the West Bank of the Jordan river. It is reported by The Jerusalem Post, citing a statement of the army high command.

During operation in the town of Jenin, Palestinians fired on a group of Israeli soldiers. They were also thrown a few grenades. The patrol returned fire. According to Palestinian sources, the collision killed two of the attackers.

It is also reported that the Israeli intelligence agents detained 21 Palestinians, 18 of whom are suspected of terrorist activities, attacks against civilians and security personnel.

11 July it was reported that the Palestinian 13-year-old boy lost an eye as a result of hit by a stray plastic bullet fired by the Israeli police.

According to the Association of civil rights struggle, the young man was injured as a result of hit of a new type of ammunition, taken into service three years ago. This so-called “black” bullet used for crowd dispersal: when injected into humans, it inflicts more severe injuries than those used previously. Advocates argue that the use of “black” of ammunition, dozens of people were injured and one died.