CB found a virus that reads the data from the chip payment cards

CB found a virus that reads the data from the chip payment cards

MOSCOW, 12 APR — RIA Novosti. The center for monitoring and responding to computer attacks in the financial sphere (“Fincert”) of the Bank of Russia has discovered a virus that reads the data from the chip card payment, the regulator reported on Wednesday.

The data read from the chip Bank card will not automatically cause the unauthorized transfer of funds. In accordance with the technology of EMV (international standard for credit card transactions with chip) each transaction carried out with this chip that is unique through the use of cryptographic transformations.

“Fincert” the Bank of Russia has recorded isolated cases of use of devices capable of reading information from the chip payment cards. Currently under technical study of these devices, the message reads.

According to the regulator, the attackers use the information received to create a copy of the payment card is possible, but difficult.

“Kaspersky lab” on Monday reported that it had detected atypical modification of the Trojan Neutrino attacking POS stealing credit card data. Thus the Neutrino is not immediately begins the activity and starts collecting information. Once in the operating system of the POS terminal, the malware waits a while. Experts believe that thus he is likely trying to circumvent the protective technology that runs suspicious code in an isolated virtual environment, so-called “sandbox”, with a short period of work.