Bloomberg spoke about the secret holiday destinations with cottages of the Russian elite



Bloomberg called the town of ples in Ivanovo region is a secret holiday destination, where you are allegedly giving the Russian elite. Such information is published on the website of the American Agency.

According to the expert travel Greg Tepper (Greg Tepper), in local markets you can meet the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. According to the expert, Russians love their culture, and the market — place, which gives you the opportunity to be reunited with her.

Foreign journalists also reminded that the reach is a land area of 80 acres with a mansion and a helipad allegedly belonging to Medvedev. Information about this property in September 2016, extended the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny. A spokesman for Prime Minister Natalia Timakova has denied the assumption that the land was owned by Medvedev.

Tepper also advised to visit a luxury Spa in Plyos. It is alleged that this building was originally built as a summer residence for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In addition, customers have to go to local concerts, the house-Museum of the artist Isaac Levitan, to see the historic Church of the river and to go on a river cruise on the Volga, on whose banks the city is located.

Tepper encourages tourists to stay in this village for about three days to sufficiently enjoy getting to know Russian culture. Travellers will be offered to stay at one of the local mansions with a full range of services. Cooking for them will be the chef. Guest even before arrival to discuss menu and schedule your vacation.