At “Innoprom” presented Kawasaki Ninja H2. The creators claim that it is the safest motorcycle to ride around the city.

– Motorcycle produced. Of course, for each exhibition, bringing improved models. Now it produces up to 215 horsepower, used to be a little less. This model has a version where you can’t drive in the city because it is more powerful than the 40 percent it can go up to 326 kilometres per hour, – has told to the correspondent “RG” on the front of the Japanese industrial Corporation Kawasaki.

It stressed that on this model are the safe system for driving in the city: “He is very powerful, but at the same time very safe.”

Ninja is the only bike with a turbocharger. If the usual sports bike starts motion from 7-9 thousand rpm, then the Japanese innovation at the expense of compressor – 4 thousand.

By the way, unlike the Quad bike, which Kawasaki for the first time brings on “Innoprom”, Ninja can’t be touched. And there is good reason for that: a carbon version of the bike is two million 640 thousand rubles, ncarbonau – 300 thousand cheaper. In Russia bought about seven of these machines.