The anti-globalization movement continued to protest after the G20 summit

Despite the ending of the summit of “Big twenty”, in Hamburg once again riots broke out with the participation of anti-globalization. According to the newspaper Welt, the clashes of protesters with police continued for the third day.

A group of demonstrators threw bottles, stones and firecrackers houses, in some areas of the city was burned several police cars. In addition, the rebels constructed barricades. The guards used in response to water cannons and tear gas. Several people were arrested.

Earlier, the Hamburg police requested reinforcements from other regions of Germany because of the riots organized in the city by anti-globalists. The guards admitted that he had underestimated the seriousness of the threat posed by the protesters.

The two-day summit of “Big twenty” was opened in Hamburg on 7 July. Each day of the event was accompanied by violent protests, which were attended by over 10 thousand anti-globalization activists, including left-wing extremists. On 6 July, the protesters announced the launch of “Hell of a picnic.” In the unrest, according to the latest data, injured 197 police detained more than 100 people. Security during the G20 provided about 20 thousand law enforcement officers.