Sverdlovsk region authorities are looking for funds to pay salaries at the plant in Nizhny Tagil

Sverdlovsk region authorities are looking for funds to pay salaries at the plant in Nizhny Tagil

YEKATERINBURG, July 10. /TASS/. Sverdlovsk region is currently seeking funds for repayment of wage arrears to employees of the Nizhny Tagil plant insulation products, announced on Monday, the acting Governor of the region Evgeny Kuyvashev.

On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he would ask the Prosecutor General to deal with the situation at the enterprise, where people refused to pay wages, while the factory management did not appeal the head of state. On appeal to the workers, the head of state said at a meeting with Kuyvashev. The head of the region told reporters that the Director of the plant is looking for on his behalf.

“We are working on finding money. There appointed bankruptcy Trustee, they are in dialogue. Are looking for ways how to get money, to help the enterprise to this enterprise paid the workers”, — said Kuyvashev reporters.

According to the acting Governor, still need to find out whether the factory Director had used harsh statements regarding payment of wages.

“So, according to the Director, he did not say,” — said Kuyvashev.

According to the leadership of the region, just a salary in the amount of 7.5 million rubles have not received 86 workers.

The situation at the plant

The mayor of Nizhny Tagil Sergey Nosov told TASS that the company has a “long history” is bankrupt. According to him, the owners agree to pay a salary from personal funds.

It also became known that from-for non-payment of salaries to almost 200 workers of the plant had already instituted criminal proceedings. The head of the UK Russia Alexander Bastrykin has instructed the Central office of the Ministry to review the investigation.

The Nizhny Tagil plant insulation products specializiruetsya, in particular, in the production of mineral wool. The company produces insulation materials since 1964.