Matvienko has called for the rejection of the hostels

Matvienko has called for the rejection of the hostels

MOSCOW, July 10. /TASS/. Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko believes that this format of housing as a dormitory, has long outlived its usefulness and should be replaced by other, well-established programs of improving housing conditions.

This opinion was expressed on Monday at a meeting with members of the Chamber of young legislators in the Federation Council.

“The word “dormitory” has been discredited over the years of Soviet power, and still, unfortunately, is the legacy of hostels very rarely permitted, because the hostel can not be privatized, in the dormitory a person becomes a slave of the situation, can’t sell, get a mortgage, buy an apartment,” — said Matvienko.

She also stated that “no matter” refers to the idea of the young parliamentarians to come up with a legislative initiative to permit construction of private residences.

“Let’s get away from the hostels, and do not look for legislative consolidation of this outdated form. There are plenty of other options for young people and students. This youth cooperatives, and are home with apartments studios for young families and students. Such projects must be implemented with the support of government — regional, municipal, and to the person who cheap paid for the apartment, could understand that it was his property,” — said the speaker of the upper house of Parliament.

In her words, let it be a small apartment, but “for a start it’s good, then it will work, sell the apartment, invest in a big one.”

“Why the hostel? The private sector has already started to build apartment houses, they would receive a good development. If you want to support the youth, there should be a regional program at an affordable price, or youth cooperatives that have paid off. There are many formats and programs of housing construction for young families”, — said Matvienko.