Italian police have discovered a “Nazi beach club” admirers of Mussolini

Italian police made a RAID on the “Nazi beach club” Punta Canna, where the admirers of the dictator Benito Mussolini. About it reports The Telegraph.

The publication says that the facility is decorated with portraits of Mussolini, posters about the gas chambers, and visitors greet each other throw up hand. The club also decorated with signs with slogans like “Our rules, order, cleanliness, discipline, rigor”. There are illicit drugs, however, the representatives of the LGBT community go to them.

Every half hour the owner of the club plays on domestic radio: the sound from the speakers its “communiqué” denouncing democracy and praising Mussolini.

Anti-terrorist police squad, on receiving the warrant from the authorities, photographed beach club from the inside and made a seizure of evidence. It clarifies the newspaper, the restaurant’s owner, 64-year-old Gianni Scarpa, may be subjected to court for justification of fascism.