The Greek foreign Ministry accused Turkey of foiling an international conference on Cyprus

Greece has accused Turkey of foiling an international conference on Cyprus. As they say in the message the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Greece “international conference on Cyprus: the brutal truth”, Ankara showed that it wants to strengthen its military presence in Cyprus, despite promises to the UN Secretary General.

“Three days ago, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey directly voiced Ankara’s position, according to which she needs the right to have the opportunity to intervene in the case of Cyprus, when it deems appropriate”, — said the Agency.

“The Turkish side also showed during the conference that he would continue to violate the agreements to secure and perpetuate its military presence in Cyprus. Turkey has led the conference in Crans-Montana in a deadlock,” — said in the Ministry.

In 1974, after the military coup initiated by supporters of accession of Cyprus to Greece, Turkey under the pretext of protecting living on the island compatriots were sent to Cyprus 30-strong expeditionary force and occupied a third of Cyprus’s territory. There was established the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is formally independent state, recognized only by Ankara. In 2004 Cyprus became an EU member, as a condition of EU accession of Turkey, Brussels has demanded that Ankara recognize the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus over the whole territory of the island.